The Track at Centennial

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Saturday, August 22

Racing the Rockies #8

Tentative Schedule

Open practice                                  12:00pm-3:00pm


Track closed                                    3:00pm-4:00pm


Drivers Meeting Mandatory           4:00pm                         


Qualifying – 10 mins                      4:15pm

Heat Race                                        5:30pm

Main Event                                      8:00pm

Rotation of classes:

Kid Kart

Micro Max

Performance Kart Sport Junior Max

LO206 classes - Relish Catering LIGHT, Youth Sponsored Karting MEDIUM, SF, Inc HEAVY

Karting Coach Mini Max


Performance Kart Sport Senior Max & Rotax Masters

Racing the Rockies      Sunday, May 17, 2015 

Gates open at 6am

* Tentative Schedule *



Engine Warm Up                             8:00am

2 laps per group



Kid Karts

J1 Novice

Rotax Junior/Senior/Masters

Micro Max

Jr 1 Expert & Jr 2


Mini Max


Drivers Meeting                               8:45am


Qualifying – 10 mins            9:00am



Kid Karts * 5 mins

J1 Novice

Rotax Junior/Senior/Masters

Micro Max

Jr 1 Expert & Jr 2


Mini Max


Heat Race  -  laps                   10:30am


LO206 - 15

Kid Karts - 8

J1 Novice - 12

Rotax Junior/Senior/Masters - 15

Micro Max - 12

Jr 1 Expert & Jr 2 – 12

Shifters - 15

Mini Max - 12


Main Event  - laps                 1:00pm


LO206 -20

Kid Karts - 10

J1 Novice - 15

Rotax Junior/Senior/Masters - 20

Micro Max - 15

Jr 1 Expert & Jr 2 - 15

Shifters - 20

Mini Max - 15

May 1

The tentative schedule for Sunday is below.


Saturday’s practice will begin at 10am.


Qualifying will begin at 5pm.  There will be a mandatory drivers meeting prior to qualifying.


Rain tires are open.


Please call or email with questions.



Racing the Rockies    Sunday, May 3, 2015


*Tentative Schedule*


Engine Warm Up                    8:00am

2 laps per group


Kid Karts




Rotax Jr/Sr/ Masters


Drivers Meeting                     8:15am


Heat Race 1 -  laps                8:45am


Kid Karts - 8

Shifter/DD2 – 15

Micro Max – 12

Rotax Jr/Sr/Masters -15

Mini Max - 12

LO206 – 15


Main Event 1 - laps               10:30am


Kid Karts – 10

Shifter/DD2 – 20

Micro Max – 15

Rotax Jr/Sr/Masters - 20

Mini Max – 15

LO206 - 20


Heat Race 2 - laps                 1:00pm


Kid Karts - 8

Shifter/DD2 – 15

Micro Max – 12

Rotax Jr/Sr/Masters -15

Mini Max - 12

LO206 – 15


Main Event 2 - laps               2:45pm


Kid Karts – 10

Shifter/DD2 – 20

Micro Max – 15

Rotax Jr/Sr/Masters - 20

Mini Max – 15

LO206 - 20

April 16

Mother Nature isn’t quite ready for the start of our season.  With the cold temps and wet conditions in the days leading up to Sunday, I have decided to change the date of Race #1.


The Track at Centennial will start Racing the Rockies on May 2-3.   We will qualify Saturday afternoon May 2, starting at 5:00pm.  Sunday morning we will start off with a quick warm up, followed by Heat #1, and Main #1.


We will then re-grid according to Saturday qualifying and run Heat #2, followed by Race #2.  Because we will have time in the day, we will plan a break in the schedule for those of you who may need the extra time for unforeseen incidents from Race #1 to get ready for Race #2.


This will put us back on schedule. 


(on a side note…)  Hopefully, the extra two weeks will get everyone back to “spec” condition from the open race we just had.


If the weather warms to above 50 and the track is dry, we will be open this Sunday for test/tune and compliance checks for the May 2-3 weekend.


Thanks to everyone for your understanding.

February 2

Now that the national structure has been set, The Track at Centennial is excited to announce its 2015 race dates.  The Track aims to offer the best schedule for the local racer, as well as national competitor.


The new US Open, brought to you by MAXSpeed Entertainment, is a major and exciting addition to the race calendar.  The Track at Centennial is pleased to see that the class structure is what has been used in its series, Racing the Rockies, for the past 6 years!  The only scheduling conflict we have is the US Open in Dallas.  We do not want to race on Easter, or Mother’s Day, so with the limited available dates, the schedule will remain as is.   Racing the Rockies is, once again, an eight race series with two “run what you brung” races on each end.


There have been several changes in the industry in regards to new upgrades to motors.  The Track will run the new Rotax EVO with the current spec Rotax Max.  We will see how the season works itself out before The Track requires any switch.

Mini Max must use the new chassis as described by Rotax Max Challenge rules.


We will provide the complete rules for each class, and/or a link to the organization where they can be found, in our next update.


In addition, due to the new style of on-track marshalling being used nationally, The Track will be working on the written set of rules, infractions, and penalties so there is no confusion.


The 2015 class structure is a follows:


Kid Karts – Honda GXH 50 (Comer 50 will run for the last year as it is phased out of Racing the Rockies)


Rotax Max Classes


Spec Shifter




JR 1 LO206  (as entries dictate)

The 2015 race dates are:


April 12                       Run What You Brung

April 19                       RTR 1

May 3                         RTR 2

May 17                       RTR 3

June 7                        RTR 4

June 21                      RTR 5

July19                        RTR 6

August 22                  RTR 7  *night race*

September 13            RTR 8

October 4                   Run What You Brung


We appreciate your business, support and top level of racing that we have seen in the past few years.  Keep it up!

January 30, 2015

The 2015 Racing the Rockies race dates have been posted on the calendar.

September 21

The 8th and final scored race for the 2014 Racing the Rockies series is Sunday, September 28.  It’s coming down to the wire as several class championships will be decided that day! 


I am thrilled that over 120 racers supported the series this year.  New to Racing the Rockies were the LO206 classes, sponsored by Relish Catering, Youth Sponsored Karting, and SF, Inc.   Old friends and familiar faces have joined the classes throughout the season, as well as some new racers, and it has been awesome.  The weight breaks and spec tire for LO206 proved to be good choices. 


The Precision Auto Reconditioning Kid Kart class doubled in size over the season!  Thanks to these little guys for bringing Kona Ice, the ice bucket challenge, and big smiles to everyone.


Highland CARSTAR Micro Max had three new drivers this year.  They are working hard to catch up to Rayce Dykstra and Joe Innes, seasoned veterans of the Micro Max class, before they move up to Mini Max next year.  


The Karting Coach Mini Max class has produced the closest racing each and every time, and is by far, the crowd favorite.   These young drivers are amazing.  I am so impressed at how they are so comfortable with each other and can anticipate each other’s moves so well, they really show racing at its finest. 


AM West Racing sponsored this year’s Junior Max class, which highlighted the Fedler brothers, Max and Everest.  Sanborn Senior Max welcomed back David Zippie, who hasn’t lost his touch, and Morgan Hugus, staying in the mix with Richard Hensley, Tyler Gronowski, and McKenna Carey.  Check out Richard’s race day videos online!   The Rotax Masters like to shake things up each weekend.  It’s great to see new names standing on the podium, including sponsors Jim Carey (DirectLink) and Jim Haubenschild (Theaterworks of Colorado and Control 4).  


We continue to be one of the top Rotax Max Challenge series in the country and have sent several competitors to national events.  We keep adding new members, as recently as of last week, and are looking forward to more growth next year.


The shifter classes, sponsored by Billet Performance Karting, have introduced several new drivers to the sport of karting and the series.   It’s great having the old timers, like Ellie, Norbert, and Myles helping the new guys get things figured out.


As soon as this season wraps up here, many of you will be off to start winter racing programs, so with that in mind, we would like to present our 2014 awards on Sunday, September 28, following the race.  Already lined up for Sunday:  great racing, great weather, great friends, and a Bye week for the Broncos! 

Please plan to join us after the race, from 5pm-7pm, when we will present the 2014 season awards to the series champions, brought to you by The Track and our loyal sponsors!   Food and drinks will be provided, but feel free to BYOB.


Good luck to everyone next Sunday!


See you at The Track.


June 25

The Track at Centennial gears up for the 4th of July weekend under the lights!


The Track at Centennial has put together the schedule for Racing the Rockies Round 4.  July 5th marks the half way point in the 2014 Racing the Rockies series.  (Points may be found here:


A very large turnout is expected over the holiday weekend to compete under the lights at The Track at Centennial.  For this event, Racing the Rockies has added the JR-1 class, from the CJKC, due to high demand.


We are looking forward to a great weekend and the excitement to celebrate all our freedoms to live the life we have, in a manner important to each one of us.


The Centennial Airport and The Track at Centennial have a set of rules that we ask all to follow.  If you have a question about any special requests, please ask myself or Carolyn.


I have enclosed the tentative schedule for the weekend, leaving time for families to celebrate the 4th of July.


Racing the Rockies #4 at The Track at Centennial.


Thursday, July 3

10:00am – 7:00pm - regular business (test/tune, rentals)  

7:00pm – 9:00pm - track closed

9:00pm – 11:00pm - test/tune only, under the lights


Friday, July 4


Track open 10:00am - 4:00pm  

Friday night, Track closed for you to celebrate the 4th of July with your friends/family.


Saturday, July 5

12:00pm – 5:00pm - Racing the Rockies #4 practice by groups  

5:00pm - 6:00pm  - track “cold”

5:15pm - mandatory drivers meeting

6:00pm - Qualifying

7:15pm – Heat Races

9:00pm – Main Events, under the lights




Kid Karts presented by Precision Auto Reconditioning


Jr. 1 (rules by CJKC)


LO206 presented by Relish Catering and Events, Youth Sponsored Karting, and SF, Inc.


Micro Max presented by Highland CARSTAR


Spec Shifter presented by Billet Performance


Rotax Junior, Senior, Masters presented by AM West Racing, Sanborn, and Theaterworks of Colorado/Control 4


Mini Max presented by Karting Coach


IMPORTANT INFORMATION… Due to the large turnouts for Racing the Rockies, The Track asks that you come prepared for the weekend with your own power. The power draw from The Track's generator will be for The Track’s use only so that we can maintain a safe and fun environment for all.


I personally want to thank all of our customers for trusting The Track with your safety and racing experience.


See you under the lights at The Track for Racing the Rockies #4.



June 5

Attention shifter kart drivers!  Beginning with the June 15 race, and for the remainder of the season, the spec tire for all shifter kart classes will be MG Yellow.

May 10

Before the green flag flies on Sunday, May 18, let’s wave the checker on the 2013 season!


Please join us on Saturday, May 17, after practice, to award and celebrate our 2013 Racing the Rockies season champions.


Podium presentations will begin at 6pm, followed by catered food, drinks and desserts, compliments of The Track.

April 16

Class structure for LO206 at The Track at Centennial:

1) Light 300 lbs
2) Medium 350 lbs
3) Heavy 380lbs
4) Duro tires – rear 710/11, front 450/10
5) Full size chassis

6) Age 12 and up

April 7

As we all know, Colorado weather is tricky to predict, especially in the spring time. 

We have been watching the weather forecast  for this weekend’s race.   The forecast for Saturday is 70 degrees and dry; Sunday’s forecasted high is 43 with rain/snow.  We plan to move the race to Saturday, so that we don’t have to worry about getting snowed out on Sunday morning .

The schedule will remain the same:  gates open at 6am,  warm-ups at 8am. 

Relish Catering, LO206 Junior Class Sponsor, will be onsite with their grill for burgers and hot dogs!

February 18

Back to the future!


Testing day with the LO206 at The Track on Sunday, February 16.


The Track at Centennial added this lower cost option to its successful Rotax program for 2014. 


What follows is my review of the first day out:


1- 1/2 hours        Time to unpack the motor, and have it ready to run on the kart.


1 min.                  Time spent having to wash my hands.


2 min.                  Time to air the tires.


45 min.                Time on the track laughing.


20 min.                Time I had to wait while everyone else wanted to drive.


20 more min.       Time to wait so they could go again. 


45 min.                Time laughing and driving, thinking how great this will be with 20+ others.


45 min.                Same as above.



Q & A:


Q:           How fast? 


A:            Who cares...This is going to be fun because everyone else is just as fast (or slow) whatever side you want to look at...


Q:           Tire wear?


A:            After 100 laps, they look like a soft set scrubbed in for 5 laps.


Q:           Strategy to win or be fast(er)? 


A:            SMOOTH!!!  30lbs of weight difference = .3 sec advantage was all.


Q:           After 100 laps, clean-up time?


A:            2 min.


Q:           How hard to start?


A:            1 pull




This isn't about lap times for the seasoned racer.  This is really about bolting on a motor to any chassis, learning to race, having a blast, and bringing in new racers to step up to the fast game of Rotax or Shifters.  The sport needs this entry kart from both a training point of view, and a budget point of view.  When all of us talk about how much fun the "Rental" races are, this is it, but a tick faster.  Good looking race karts, and all the fun of racing without the high level of tuning needed to compete when the speed is on.  This is truly "gas and go".

As well as a perfect package for the new customer, it is the perfect driving training tool for the rest of us, without the high cost, or rebuilds.

Since the motor comes sealed, we don't have as much worry about  “tinkering”.


It's going to be a great year.

January 28

MAXSpeed to offer trade in program for new Rotax motors.

"Trade in any brand of motor and receive credit towards new Rotax Max engine package."

Call us for more information.

January 24

As several of our racers travel across the country to race in warmer conditions this time of year, we here at The Track, are busy finalizing details for our 2014 Season!  

First off, we have officially added the growing and affordable LO206 Class.  Here is the class structure that The Track at Centennial will use for LO206:

1) Light 320lbs
2) Medium 350 lbs
3) Heavy 380lbs
4) Duro tires – rear 710/11, front 450/10
5) Full size chassis

6) Age 12 and up

Second, we are grateful for our sponsors and to date, Precision Auto Reconditioning, Antero Automotive, Karting Coach, Highland CARSTAR and Sanborn have officially re-committed for 2014!  We have several great sponsor opportunities available, including Class Sponsorships for the newly added LO206 classes.  For more information, please contact Shelley Bailey at [email protected].


Third, The Track has been working diligently on something unique and special for our banquet and details, with date announcement, will be released soon. It will be worth the wait!


And finally, we have changed the date of our first race, The Rust Remover Open, from April 20th (which is Easter) to April 13th.


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