The Track at Centennial

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Sodi Kart Rentals

Experience the thrill of kart racing for yourself!  A rental session includes all necessary safety equipment and a thorough explanation of how to drive and use the track. 

Sodi Kart Rental Session: $40.00

Sodi Kart rentals at The Track is the best way to experience the fun and excitement of real racing.  You’ll drive one of our fleet of well-maintained Sodi Karts.  They have 13hp Honda one-speed engines and reach speeds of up to to 55 mph! 

No reservations required.

Safety equipment includes: helmet, neck brace, race suit.  

Head socks available for $5.

Sessions include 10 minutes of track time.

Please Note:


  • Renters must be 12 years old and at least 62" tall.
  • Anyone under 18 years of age must have a parent/legal guardian present.
  • All karters are required to wear closed-toe shoes.
  • All participants sign a full release and waiver of liability regarding possible injury. Our staff will help you enjoy the thrill and excitement of racing at our   facility, while taking every step to ensure that all safety measures are taken. Please remember that kart racing is real racing. This is not an amusement park ride. The chance of an accident occurring increases greatly if participants do not follow instructions, pay attention to flags, drive aggressively or drive beyond the level of their ability.